Get the Look

Get the Look: Wrapped Ponytail


By Kia Sterling

Begin by parting the hair on the right side of the head at the arch of the eyebrow.

Use a small amount of Molding Wax 7 for grip to create the straight back cornrows in that section on the right side of the head.

Then flat iron the remaining hair straight back away from the face. Apply Humidity Blocking Oil throughout that section.

Brush this section back away from the face to create the low, tight pony at the nape, (including the braided section) using a generous amount of the Molding Wax 5 to lock pony into place.

Next smooth Molding Wax 5 about 6 inches down the ponytail for more control and proceed to wrap corded white rope around the hair in an intricate design.

For shine use Wet Shine Gel Cream 5 and finish with Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 10.

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