Blonde Oasis

Blonde Oasis Final

To create a more dimensional look, model's hair was highlighted and lowlighted, then toned.

Highlighting Formula:

Elite Powder with Cream Developer 20 vol. (1 : 2)

Base Color Formula:

Permanent Color 9GA (9/9) with Cream Developer 10 vol. (1 : 1)

Shadow Root Color Formula:

Demi Color 9BEG (9/83) with Processing Lotion (1 : 1)

End Color Formula:

Demi Color 9BEM (9/83) with Processing Lotion (1 : 1)

Blonde Oasis Before


Anh’s Styling Tips to Create “Straight With Body”

Global Creative Director @anhcotran

  • Step 1 On damp hair, spray Weightless Replenishing Mist.

  • Step 2 Spray a moderate amount of Thickening Mist from roots to ends.

  • Step 3 Flip the hair all the way forward and rough dry the hair until 80% dry.

  • Step 4 Flip the hair back up and smooth out the hair using a boar bristle brush.