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Beauty is a Powerful Force of Nature.

In collaboration with our color team, Milbon Global Creative Director Anh Co Tran ventured out into the California desert, bringing Sophistone's groundbreaking hair color technologies into contact with this wide-open natural environment for a day of heightened creative inspiration. The alluring mood and looks that came out of it—drawn from the vast range of natural beauty found there—are stark, captivating, and suited to a whole world of hair types.

Milbon has the unique ability to connect art with science. The innovative technology of Sophistone permanent color evokes the creative spirit, stirring up distinct feelings and moods—leading to new ideas. I trust the richness, versatility, and accuracy of Milbon color to elevate my cutting and style. The result is perfectly harmonious.

Anh Co Tran Global Creative Director

Behind the Scenes

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