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Where can I buy Milbon products?

Milbon is currently available in the USA and Canada. Products can be purchased exclusively at our partner salons. To search for a salon near you, click here. 

For professional stylists, please check out our Carry Milbon page here.

Can I buy Milbon products online?

The quality of Milbon products is not guaranteed when sold online. Please purchase our products only from salons that are listed in our salon finder. Otherwise the products may be diverted; diverted products can be counterfeit, expired, or poorly stored which may put you at risk.

I live outside of the USA. Can I buy Milbon products?

Milbon is now available in Canada. For other areas, please visit milbon.com to find out if Milbon products are available in your region

I’m a blogger, magazine/newspaper editor and I’m interested in featuring Milbon products. Who do I contact?

Please call us at 1(800) 431-8930 during our office hours (M-F, 9am – 5pm EST except for national holidays) or send us a message.

Salon Professionals

How can I carry Milbon products in my salon?

Please refer to the Carry Milbon page to find Milbon Partner distributers in your area. Canadian professionals in Ontario Canada; please contact our distribution partner.  Professionals in other parts of Canada; please contact Milbon USA at [email protected] for more information. Please note, Milbon USA is currently not accepting any application outside of the USA and Canada. If you are interested in the Liscio retexturizing system, please be advised that you must first become Liscio-certified by attending our certification seminar (view available courses here). Liscio is not available in Canada. 

How can I carry Milbon’s Liscio solutions in my salon?

Please be advised that you must first become Liscio-certified by attending our certification seminar. Please check out our PROFESSIONAL page to see our current schedule of seminars. Liscio is not available in Canada. 

I am a stylist and have technical questions about your products and/or services. Who do I contact?

Our experienced educators are happy to discuss your questions. Please call us at 1(800) 431-8930 during our office hours (M-F, 9am – 5pm EST except for national holidays).

I want to carry Milbon products in my salon outside of the USA. Who do I contact?

If you live outside of the USA or Canada, please visit here to find out if Milbon products are available in your region. 

How can I add my salon to your salon locator?

We only list salons who had purchased products from us in the past 6 months at the time of our database update. If you believe your salon should be listed, please contact your account executive to discuss.

Where can I download SDS?

Please create an account and login to access SDS sheets in our Resources center.


Does Milbon test on animals?

We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, except when it is required by law.

I have color-treated hair. Which shampoos and treatments can I use?

All Milbon in-salon treatments, shampoos, treatments, and weekly masques are color-safe. Please consult a stylist to find out which product best suits your hair care needs.

Why do you call your conditioners “treatments”?

Milbon’s treatments contain restorative properties and make hair healthier and better with every use.

Are there more Milbon products available? Can I get their information?

Please click here for information on our classic, yet still popular items.

How do I get a list of ingredients for one of your products?

Most product ingredients are listed directly on our product pages. Please click the small triangle next to "Ingredients" to expand down and reveal. For professional service sends us a message with the name of the product for a full listing of ingredients (MSDS).


Can I get Liscio smoothing/straightening services while I am pregnant?

We recommend consulting your physician. Please contact us for our full listing of ingredients (MSDS) for the Liscio solutions.

Does Liscio contain or release formaldehyde?

We do not use formaldehyde-based ingredients or any ingredients that are known to release formaldehyde or related toxins. Such products are prohibited to manufacture based on the Japanese laws as well and also according to our own strict safety guideline.

What is Liscio’s active ingredient?

Liscio uses annmonium thioglycolate (thio),100% formaldehyde free ingredient.

Is LISCIO a health concern?

In the light of recent allegations that certain chemicals in hair straighteners may be linked to cancer, we have noted that phthalates have been identified as the main culprits. Based on our internal safety measurements, formulating products with phthalates has not been permitted, and Milbon has not used the ingredients for decades.

At Milbon, we continuously update our knowledge on international research and regulations in order to take proactive action toward ensuring clients’ safety.