Fight Diversion.
Milbon USA is salon-exclusive and should only ever be purchased directly from a salon or licensed professional. Products sold online or from non-authorized sources such as drugstores are diverted. Fighting diversion is not only essential to ensuring product quality and safety, but we are also committed to supporting salon professionals and the integrity of their work.

What is Diversion?
When products are sold by non-authorized sources, such as drug stores or online websites, these products are diverted. Diverted products can be tampered with, expired or even counterfeit. These products may not perform properly and could be unsafe to use.

Who is an authorized seller?
Salons and licensed professionals. Please check out our Salon Finder for salons in your area.

Report Diversion.
If you suspect that Milbon products are being diverted, please inform us with details such as website links, images, locations, etc. Email us at [email protected] with subject line "Diversion Report" to help us investigate.