SOPHISTONE Lightener has been scientifically designed to achieve a controlled lift with built-in protection.

  • Boosted with PolyShield™, both Elite Powder and Elite Clay offer up to 9 levels of lift while minimizing damage.
  • Naturally derived Guar Gum ensures optimal product consistency and ease of application.
  • Elite Powder is a versatile blue powder lightener.
  • Kaolin-infused Elite Clay is specially formulated to support free-hand painting techniques.


Elite Powder and Elite Clay

Mixing Ratio

Powder/Clay : Developer = 1 :2 – 1 : 3

SOPHISTONE Cream Developer

10, 20, 30, or 40 vol.

Processing Time*

20 – 40 minutes (Up to 50 minutes)

*Processing time may vary depending on the client. Check the hair after 5 – 10 minutes of processing to ensure proper lift and continue to check regularly during process.

Follow the manufactuerer's guidelines.

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