Lyndenn & Annie | Models for Beige Gold and Beige Mat

With over 30 years of experience in producing high quality professional color in Japan, we have decided to expand our knowledge and expertise to produce an elevated formulation specifically designed to meet the demands of a diverse global market.

SOPHISTONE embraces Milbon's focus on a healthy hair foundation while inspiring creativity through our streamlined collection. Utilizing our advanced technologies and conditioning formulas, the collection imparts captivating colors with a reflective shine.

Sophistone Products

The Products

SOPHISTONE Demi Color is comprised of 42 exquisite blonde, red, and brunette shades in an innovative design of 2 tonal groups, four intesifiers and Clear. SOPHISTONE Lightener has been scientifically designed to achieve a controlled lift with built-in protection.


New Shades
Beige Gold and Beige Mat

Introducing two new series to help elevate blondes — beautifully balanced, translucent, and soft finishes.

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