How heat compromises hair’s integrity


Did you know, hair is approximately 85% keratin proteins? Protein molecules are susceptible to heat - causing hair’s texture and strength to deteriorate. That is why your hair starts to feel stiff and crunchy, becomes challenging to style, and even shows split ends when you use heat tools regularly or get a thermal retexturizing service done to your hair.

With long years of research and dedication, Milbon uncovered the precise processes of how the quality of hair becomes degraded due to protein’s natural reactions to heat: coagulation and oxidization. Protein coagulation makes hair feel stiff and untouchable, while protein oxidization weakens it leading to split ends and breakage.

Protein molecules are made up of amino acids cross-linked by side bonds (hydrogen, salt, and disulfide bonds). Heat can disrupt hydrogen bonds, resulting in configurational mutation of protein molecules, leaving the hair feeling stiff and untouchable.

When exposed to heat, oxygen that preexists inside the hair turns into harmful free radicals (unstable molecules with unpaired electrons that attempt to steal electrons from other molecules). The keratin protein molecules robbed of their electrons are left to degenerate, resulting in fragile strands, breakage, and split ends.

Through their extensive research comes breakthrough Heat Restorative Technology along with powerful Free Radical Blockers: Heat Restorative Technology regenerates keratin proteins by reversing coagulation caused by heat while Free Radical Blockers provide superior protection against heat-caused oxidization by preventing free radical generation inside and outside the hair.

Together, these technologies are designed to repair and protect heat-compromised hair achieving soft, touchable hair.