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The Yuki Campaign


Anh Co Tran, Milbon’s Global Creative Director, captured a series of inspiring photos and video that explored the gray area of gender expression ⏤ where individuals freely express their more masculine or feminine qualities outside the gender norm.

He wanted to take this campaign in a completely different direction with all-male casting and a setting with a colder climate to create something fresh and unique. Drawing inspiration from vintage samurai photos, the moody & grainy feel was brought to life.

Create the YUKI Wet + Textured Look

     - Step 1
     On damp hair, apply a generous amount of Wet Shine Gel Cream 8 from roots to ends for extreme shine
     & hold.

     - Step 2
     Then add a quarter amount of Molding Wax 7 for shaping & extra hold.

     - Step 3
     Use a wide toothcomb to shape the look.

     - Step 4

     Use a diffuser to dry the hair so you won’t interrupt the shape.