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Why Milbon Dry Shampoo Stands Out


The hair care industry changed for the better with the invention of dry shampoo. There was no longer a need to risk damage by washing your hair every day, succumb to flat, tired styles, or put up with the woes  of oil buildup. Dry shampoo is now accessible, and a prominent feature of our day-to-day lives. But just because you can find dry shampoo at any salon, beauty bar, or drugstore without a second thought doesn’t mean progress and innovation must stall. We wanted to take on the challenge of perfecting this classic product, and thus, Milbon Refreshing Dry Shampoo was born. We are proud to say that our new product stands out against every other dry shampoo on the market today–take a moment to learn about why that is.

Our dry shampoo uses a unique, Advance Trio Powder technology to absorb and lift away oil–eliminating oil and odor production altogether rather than simply masking it. The Refreshing Dry Shampoo offers a visible transformation in seconds, restoring hair’s natural volume and extending the life of your styles between washes.

This dry shampoo is called refreshing for a reason–it cleans your hair while imparting a gorgeous scent of green apple and lily of the valley.

Milbon Refreshing Dry Shampoo is weightless–it volumizes without leaving a heavy, at times waxy or sticky texture that so many other dry shampoos are known to do. In fact, with all-natural ingredients like edelweiss extract, our dry shampoo is actually a humectant, working to moisturize and revitalize your hair rather than dry it out.

Its application is as easy as it gets. Shake the product well and, while holding 6-10 inches away
from your head, spray evenly at the root throughout the various layers of your hair. Be sure to
wait 15 to 20 seconds before moving forward with your routine. A common mistake when using
dry shampoo is to brush the product out instantly, which permits little to no time for the cleaning
process to activate. After allowing the product to work its magic, brush out your hair or work the
product through your hair with your fingertips.

Style as desired and the process is complete–with Milbon Refreshing Dry Shampoo, you can
extend the life of your hair for up to four days between washes.