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Get The Look: Met Gala Styling with Anh Co Tran


On Monday, freestyle skiing prodigy, Eileen Gu, made her first Met Gala appearance with Victoria's Secret alongside fellow athletes Suni Lee and Megan Rapinoe. We are honored to say Milbon’s Global Creative Director, Anh Co Tran, was the mastermind behind Eileen’s hairstyle and incorporated Milbon products to achieve this gorgeous, chic look. To learn more about this sleek look, we sat down with Anh to find out his approach to styling Eileen for the 2021 Met Gala.

What was your inspiration behind the look?

I wanted to achieve a sleek & modern style that complements the look.

What considerations do you make when styling for the MET Gala, as opposed to other events?

Knowing that fashion is the main focus, I want to allow the garment to speak for itself.

How will hair play a part this year, compared to other MET Galas?

Since the MET Gala’s primary focus is on the garments, the hair is and always has been dependent on the garment.

How did you style Eileen's hair and what styling products did you use?

1. On damp hair, apply Milbon Heat Protective Mist as well Milbon Weightless Replenishing Mist all over.
2. Spray Milbon Thickening Mist onto roots & mid-shafts, working your way up from the bottom.
3. Apply Milbon Humidity Blocking Oil onto the mid-shafts & ends of hair, massaging the product throughout the entire head.
4. Working your way up from the bottom to the top, use a c-shape curvature to smooth out the hair with a round brush & blow dryer, keeping the ends straight. This will create body & lift.
5. Establish a middle part.
6. Use a flat iron to further polish the ends of the hair.
7. Spray Milbon Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 10 all over the hair to seal in the look.
8. Tuck the hair behind the ears for a sleek finish.

What hair care products did you use to prepare Eileen's hair?

I used Milbon Heat Protective Mist to protect the hair from heat and enhance smoothness, Milbon Weightless Replenishing Mist to give the hair a boost of moisture, Milbon Thickening Mist to enhance the hair’s body & fullness, and Milbon Humidity Blocking Oil to protect the hair from frizz & humidity.

How many hairstyling ideas did you have for Eileen? Did you go with the one you thought?

After considering the overall look, I envisioned a sleek & modern style from the get-go.

Which product was absolutely crucial to achieving this look and why?

Due to the Met Gala being held in September as opposed to the usual May date, Milbon Heat Protective Mist & Humidity Blocking Oil were crucial to lock in the hair’s moisture, keep frizz at bay & enhance the hair’s overall smoothness.

How will this year's MET Gala influence hair trends for the next year?

Overall, this year’s hairstyles were understated & representative of the current times.