Get the Look

Spring Styling Trends & Products to Use


2022 is already providing a wealth of new, innovative styles to try out with your clients and on yourself. Although there is no shortage of hairstyle inspiration floating around the online hair care community, there aren’t always concrete tips on how to achieve them.

We’ve pulled together some of the top spring styling trends and paired them with Milbon products you can use to make these dreamy looks a reality.


The blowout has been growing in popularity over the last year or so. But in 2022, we predict they will be bigger than ever. Both teased out, vintage blowouts and delicate, natural-looking blowouts are in. Your favorite blow dryer, hot tools, round brush, and rollers are essential to achieving a good blowout. But what about products?

First and foremost, we recommend a volumizing product. Our Thickening Mist 4, infused with natural honey and shine-inducing panthenol, imparts flexible, long-lasting volume and allows for maximum control while carrying out your blowout. Simply apply to towel-dried hair from roots to ends before styling.

To revive a two-to-three-day-old blowout, try our Wave Enhancing Mousse 4–a shea butter and beeswax-enriched product sure to revive waves, tame frizz, and recreate definition.


Braids of all kinds are back. In terms of protective styles for natural hair, long, sultry, thick braids are on the rise. Additionally, we’re seeing a renaissance of money piece braids–a throwback, face-framing style that you can rock no matter your hair type.

To wear braids of any kind, we recommend using moisturizing, repairing products before styling, such as our Repair Professional Treatment or our Moisture Professional Treatment. For protective styles, you may also try our scalp products prior to braiding.

For your braids, try our Molding Wax 7 for sculpting and molding. Pair with Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray 10 to lock in your look.

Face-framing Looks

2022 is all about enhancing your natural beauty–that’s why we are excited to see face-framing looks at the top of the trending list. Curtain bangs, chic bobs, piecey up-dos, even mullets. Face-framing looks come in all different styles, but many of them can be achieved with the same products.
A staple we suggest? Our Texturizing Sea Mist 3. Perfect for layered styles, our texturizing mist promises a sexy, tousled look by utilizing sea salt and sunflower oil to supply texture, body, and hold. Apply to wet or dry hair before styling.

Natural Curls

Speaking of natural beauty, we’re saying hello to natural curls this season. Your client already has the foundation of this gorgeous look, they just need some products to enhance it. Our Wave Enhancing Mousse and Wave Enhancing Cream utilizes botanical science to tame frizz, protect from humidity, define curls, and impart lustrous shine.

For those with straight hair looking to achieve natural-looking curls, try Prejume Wave–an innovative professional perm system for creating soft, bouncy curls.

Slicked-back Looks

We saved the boldest look for last. Slicked up up-does reminiscent of retro high fashion runway and red carpet looks are in. High poney-tails, slicked-back bobs, and funky top-knot buns– all of the looks require one thing: gel.

Our Wet Shine Gel Cream 8 and 5 tames frizz and offers maximum control while supplying a wet, polished look. Choose 5 for a glossy shine and 8 for a subtle, satin finish.