Scalp Care – The New Self Care Regimen


Our hair says a lot about ourselves. The cut, color, styling all play a part in our overall look we show to the world. Healthy, lustrous locks are always the goal. We condition, mask, oil and spritz all kinds of products onto our hair, but we often struggle to see the results we are looking for. The root of the problem might be the condition of your scalp. It’s easy to overlook, but when it comes down to it, the scalp is really skin, so why aren’t we treating it like we treat our faces?

The Root of Beautiful Hair

If each strand of your hair was a plant, then your scalp is the garden they are growing in. Just like soil needs nutrients, hydration and regular tending, so does your scalp. Just under the surface, keratin, oxygen and nutrients are being fed to the hair follicle. If a follicle gets clogged with excess fatty acids, dirt, product, you name it, this will affect the quality of hair or maybe even prevent hair growth.

Sad Scalp to Happy Scalp

Much like our faces need regular cleansing to remove makeup, dirt and excess oils, it's critical we cleanse our scalp regularly to remove build up. The way we cleanse also makes a difference – instead of abrasively scrubbing your scalp, try a circular, gentle massage when shampooing. Each scalp is different and your scalp care regime should be tailored to your specific needs. Check out some of our tips and tricks for a healthy scalp and ultimately, 360° beautiful hair.

     1. Regular Cleansing

The great debate for decades has been - how often should we wash our hair? The answer, it depends on the hair, but no matter what texture or type you’re managing, regular cleansing is crucial to keeping a clean growing environment for your locks. Milbon’s specially formulated Scalp Collection, combats excess fatty acids on the scalp without stressing or drying out. The buildup of fatty acids are gently lifted away from the scalp making way for Milbon’s Hydrating Treatment to lock in moisture and protect the scalp with it’s skincare-grade sugar squalane.

     2. Moisturize

Just like some of us have to manage over dry or oily skin, our scalps can face similar problems. If you’re dealing with an itchy, flaky dry scalp, give a scalp moisturizer or mask a try. Check out Milbon’s Soothing Moisturizer which uses Hyaluronic Acid (yup - like you typically find in skincare) to deeply nourish without the weight.

     3. Nutrients - Daily Vitamin

Restrictive diets or lack of protein can lead to decreased hair growth. As your hair is lower on the body’s priority list compared to your organs and maintaining necessary functions, hair production can be one of the first things affected by restrictive diets. If you struggle to get the right nutrients, no matter what your diet is, opt for a daily multivitamin or B-complex formulated for hair, skin and nail health for that extra boost.

     4. Scalp Massage

Blood circulation is key to hair growth. Some studies have shown that a regular, light scalp massage can lead to thicker hair growth over time. That’s because of the increased blood circulation at the follicle which stimulates growth. Plus you’ll get a little relief and relaxation so it's a win-win!

     5. Sunscreen

Even with all that hair, it can be easy to forget that harmful UV-Rays can damage our scalp. You put sunscreen on your face and body to protect against burning already, next time toss on a hat or scarf next time you head out into the sun for long periods of time.

Looking for healthier hair, start at the root and focus on the scalp. Just remember, cleanse regularly, moisturize when needed, get the right nutrients and in times of doubt, just remember, the way you care for your face, you can usually care for your scalp.

By: Leslie Berlin, guest writer

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