ABS Chicago 2019


Seven models, two presentations, a year of preparation and 1500 miles of travel, Milbon Artistic team completed the first Milbon Signature presentation at ABS Chicago. Premier Beauty pulled out all the stops from the beautiful stage to the Premier Village and the Milbon Kiosk. The attention to detail was inspiring.

ABS Models 2019

Milbon focuses on shiny, healthy hair conceptually, so it was essential to making sure we represented that in our approach. “Clean Sophistication” was born through this thought process. It’s all about the representation of a modern woman who recognizes her unique beauty. Each presentation was customize based upon the audience to ensure an elevated educational experience. It was all about creating a connection between the brand and our peers. Models in all white with subtle silver accents were prepped same-day with our Signature Styling collection to showcase its versatility. From classic waves to braids each style was meant to evoke an emotion. The energy in the room was indescribable as the Milbon Video played cross the Premier stage and each model walk to power-house vocalist Ariana Grande. It was as if we were meant to be there and we are only getting started!

Christopher Darring
Milbon Creative Director