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Learn 3 Quick & Elegant Updos by Kell Grace


Whether you’re in the market for fresh looks, or searching for quick tips and tricks for better updos, this is the blog for you. Kell Grace has created 3 simple yet incredibly versatile looks that can go from casual to formal with just a couple minor changes. Learn how to master her brilliant techniques partnered with Milbon’s ground-breaking products turn into beautiful hair styles that will suit a multitude of your clients needs.

3 Braid Chignon

Adaptable for any occasion, this braided updo is made of 3 braided chignons and an additional inverted headband braid. The loosely pulled apart braids create an open and softly textured low updo. In order to create a nicely secured base, start each of the 3 braids with a tight tension so there are not hairs hanging at the nape of the neck. Once you start coiling the braids up, be sure to overlap them as you pin for a combined look at the end. Using longer hair pins to secure the coiled braids will create more stability for when you pull the braids apart and detail the updo. By itself, the look pairs great for day to day with casual outfits, and with some added curl on those loose tendrils or hair accessories, it makes a perfect bridesmaids, or bridal look. See the technique in action here.

For best results, use Milbon’s Dry Texturizing Spray and Strong Hold Hairspray to give hair the grip and volume it needs to last all day.

Full Twisted

Squeezing in a last minute updo appointment and don’t have the hours to spend on it? No problem. Kell Grace’s full twisted updo is quick and easy but looks like you spent hours curling and pinning. Using Milbon’s Dry Texture Spray in tandem with Grace’s twist and reverse pinning technique, you create loose, twisted rows for the looks base. Then you just gently pull the twists to open the rows up, giving the updo and beautifully curled-look. Prep the hair with a light amount of Milbon’s Wave Enhancing Mousse for some added volume. Watch her step-by-step video here.

Pro Tip: Minimize frizz by limiting hair touching during the base-building process. Focus on setting the base with pins and creating a sturdy foundation for the look. Save most of the hair touching for after the base is set, when gently opening the twists.

Tied Crown

When it comes to high updos, it can be tricky to get hair to hold its shape and placement on the head. Kell Grace makes high updos a breeze by balancing the weight of the hair in 3 sections and creating stability with her tie and pin method. With the help of Milbon’s Stronghold Hair Spray and Molding Wax, hair holds it shape and smoothes frizzy ends.
Once the ties are secured, lightly twist and pin in the tails, waiting until the end to lightly pull apart the twists that fill out the updo. The final look, an elegant, high - tied updo. Check out her full tutorial here.

Whether you’ve got clients looking for more casual updos, or something more elegant, Kell Grace’s techniques are efficient and effective with lots of versatility. No matter the look, as a stylist, with input from your client, you have the opportunity to modify each of these updos to create a variety of looks. With a sturdy base, you can completely transform the final look in the detailing stage. Don’t forget your Milbon styling products that not only enhance the looks you create, but also support the strong foundation to any updo.

by: leslie berlin, guest writer