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3 Texture Model Looks from Anh Co Tran



Page’s look is perfect for anyone rocking an edgy, cropped look and those seeking to add some much-needed texture to flat, tired tresses.

To begin, generously apply Milbon Texturizing Sea Mist 3 to clean, towel-dried hair. This product offers a tousled look, combining sea salt and sunflower seed oil to impart texture and body to limp hair. You’ll then want to use a small round brush and blow dryer to smooth out hair before moving on to the next crucial, texturizing step.

Using only a nickel-sized amount, spread Milbon Matte Texturizing Paste 8 between palms and apply all over hair, starting from the top of the head and working backward towards the bottom. Weightless and workable, our Matte Texturizing Paste uses advanced powder technology to absorb excess oil and block humidity while shaping and styling.

Create the show-stopping look Anh Co Tran crafted on Page by piecing out the ends of your client's hair for a separated style. Last, but not least, apply Milbon Strong Hold Hairspray 7 to lock your style in.


Andrey’s look is all about achieving a sophisticated, matte finish and texturized, firm hold. On clean, towel-dried hair, begin by applying our amino-acid packed Moisture Replenishing Mist to detangle, moisturize, and protect from heat. Once again utilizing a small round brush, blow-dry hair to prepare your canvas for texturizing magic.

A little goes a long way. Like with Page’s short-hair look, you only need a nickel-sized amount of Milbon Matte Texturizing Paste 8 to achieve this style. Spread the product between your palms and work through hair from top to bottom. Finish by piecing out hair to create separation and flare.


Our final model, Micah, sports elegant, natural-looking waves that do anything but fall flat. Start with our heat-activated keratin Heat Protective Mist on clean, towel-dried hair. Using two pumps of Milbon Luminous Bodifying Oil, work hands through hair from mid-lengths through ends. Enriched with baobab oil and collagen, this product thickens otherwise fine, limp hair while enhancing overall smoothness and shine. With a round brush, blow-dry hair as usual.

The following step is best achieved with the Anh X Sultra Collection 1.5 Marcel Iron to carry out a combination of Anh’s signature Lived-in Waves and undulating Nu Waves–alternating between the two types of waves throughout to create a more natural look.

Then, run your fingers through hair to gently break up waves and impart the softness seen in Micah’s photo. Tilting back the head to create a waterfall effect on the waves, spray Milbon Texturizing Spray 4 all over the hair to add texture, body, and volume.

Finish up with Milbon Satin Texturizing Cream 3 and piece out the ends, and you have yourself the third and final Anh Co Tran textured look.